Capt. Roger P. Witschi,  Dipl. Ing. FH - BLaw


WMC is a small, professional and independent consultation business office for services to the marine industry.


We offer first hand maritime know-how to satisfy a wide range of specifical needs of our customers.


Services include marine & offshore engineering, human resources, legal inquirys and consultation, technical expertise, inspections & surveys and cargo / stowage calculations.


The main activities consist of marine engineering and legal inquirys, casualty investigation, surveys/inspections and technical expertise/advise based upon scientific calculations.


Consultation is covering all areas of the maritime economy, and available for companys, governments, NGOs and individuals as well. This is covering e. g. vessel registration, maritime business Start-Ups, fleet-management and strategy, legal and technical conformity and standardisation, marketing and tax matters etc., in cooperation with local experts worldwide.


Besides this, WMC also offers human resources services. This includes the provision and placement of qualified personel to perfom dutys aboard, on offshore installations or in harbour / port facilities, in accordance with international standards and regulations and also following local requirements.


Legal inquirys are performed into all matters of national and international maritime and transportation law, as well as into shipping specific matters of insurance, liability and general business law.


Roger P. Witschi

Dipl. Ing. FH, Bachelor of Law

Master Mariner and Merchant Navy Officer

S.T.C.W. II/1, II/2, II/4, IV/2, V/1, VI/1, VI/2, VI/3, VI/4, VI/5


Owner and Director of Witschi Marine Consulting

President of the Swiss Ship Officers and Captains Association VSKS


Member of the International Federation of Shipmasters Associations and the German Association of Captains and Ship Officers. Various other Memberships.


Technical surveys are carried out on all matters of navigation, ship and cargo operations, and may serve to testify/acertain a condition,

e. g. in the case of damages, claims and incidents, or as well for the general assessement of conditions and processes on-shore and aboard. Inspections are performed upon request, 24hrs, worldwide, and if necessary also regularly or on long term basis, e. g. in case of ship-building surveys, cargo / stowage monitoring or routine stowage planning.


Calculations regarding hydrostatic and -dynamic issues, cargo operations, vessel performance etc. can be either carried out within a survey, expertise or just on direct order. Damage stability and assessments and assistance are available in real-time.


All services are strictly customer-focused, and all contracts are individually agreed and adopted by the owner, from simple cargo inspections up to complex, long term ship-building surveys.