2008 - Founding of Witschi Marine Consulting as Independent Office for Maritime and Offshore Services, Expertise & Consultation.


07.01.2009: Participation in TV-Show "der Club", on: "Swiss Soldiers against Piracy in Somalia"?


02.2009 - 05.2009: Expert Assessment for the Swiss Maritime Navigation Office (SMNO) on maritime accident investigation, concerning the adoption of the Casualty Investigation Code [CIC] and subsequent approval by IMO.


09.2009: Inquiry / legal assessment concerning claims on a ferry accident between maroc and spain.


01.2010: Refit survey of a private yacht, regarding electrical installations and hull integrity.


03.2010: Consultation to a private company regarding conformity of it's charter yachts with IMO-Standards. 


04.2010: Consultation sessions regarding maritime career opportunities to various individuals and SMNO.


25.08.2010: Publication http://www.amazon.com/dp/3639287975


01.2012: Expert Assessment on Project „training 4 miles“ for Swiss Maritime Academy Inc.


04./05.2012: Legal Advice regarding Radio Communications Regulations to Swiss Government. (OFCOM)


10.2012: Consultation to Indivuduals regarding the Business Foundation and Charter Operation of their private Yacht.


10./11.2012: Analysis & consultation to non-profit-NGO, regarding a project for sailing with disabled people.


2011/2012: Various Courses to Yachtsmen for Maritime Radio Long Range Certificate (LRC).


2012 - 2014: Consultancy & expert assessement regarding flag state registration and insurance for commercial passenger sailing vessel.


Since 2008: Various statements for media regarding shipping inquirys, latest for swiss depeche agency (sda) & News of Swiss National TV (SRF).


Since 2009: Human Resources Services for various major shipping companies by providing sea-going personel. (Incl. Self-Employment as Watchkeeping Officer, First Officer and Master)


Since 2011: Maritime Safety Training Instructor for Cadets of AIDA Cruises Ltd. on S.M.S. Grossherzogin Elisabeth on behalf of Schulschiffverein "Grossherzogin Elisabeth" e.V., Member of S.T.A.G. and Sail Training International (S.T.I.)


Since 2012: Consultancy & and Superintendent duties (DPA) for Neue Schleppdampfschiffsreederei Louis Meyer Ltd.


Since 2013: Marine Casualty Investigation Services for Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board - STSB.


Since 2017: Deputy Director of the Antigua and Barbuda Ship Registry (ADOMS)


Various other activities, mainly as licensed marine surveyor and accredited expert witness (e.g. for swiss government and numerous insurance companies.)


Business History  -  Projects & References / Professional C.V.

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